We're proud to offer the highest quality, natural + organic handcrafted skincare. Made in small batches in our Byron Hinterland studio by Steph Finigan, qualified formulator + beautician.
Free from anything but nature's raw goodness. Vegan friendly and Toxic free.

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blended in house + hand poured

100% Pure Soy Candles

Handcrafted | Vegan | lead free pure cotton wicks

Non Toxic Burn

There's no such thing as a triple scented candle.

Good scent throw relies on quality ingredients .

We have only ever used Pure soy wax in our candles. So pure, our wax is accepted for use in lip balm manufacturing. GMO + Pesticide free, it's blended with the highest quality phthalate + nitro musk free Australian made fragrances, derived from natural oils and safe to burn.
We steer away from essential oils in our candles for safety reasons due to the molecular change which can occur in the oils, drawn into the flame and also due to their highly combustable nature.
For this same reason, we never use dried flowers or herbs in our candles.

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