Remote Laundries

“We are truly excited about the potential to create lasting change to the health of people living in community”. Steve Smith, AIG CEO. 

Charity begins at home........

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For so long now, I have been searching to align my brand with the right charitable programme and thanks to the wonderful Jules from #theclaysociety I have been made aware of AIG + Remote Laundries.

It has always been important to know that any funds donated, go directly to improving those in need and whilst there are many in need on a global scale, what sat deeply with me, was those in need, in the Country I live in.

Every little bit counts towards ensuring our Indigenous people living in Community, have access to clean clothing and linen.
Regular washing can assist in slowing down and preventing disease prevalent in our Indigenous communities.
Disease affecting mostly children.
Disease most people like you and I have no clue about.

Know that when you purchase a product from our Organic Body range or Natural Home Fragrance range, wholesale, online or in store, your purchase is made with purpose.

The purpose of preventing disease, maintaining good health + empowering our remote Aboriginal communities.

Charity begins at home.